About Us

Greenfields Internet has been established by New Zealanders with life long careers in the telecommunications industry.

We have seen many changes in the industry over the last 30 years from where small town and rural New Zealand had party lines and rotary dial telephones, through the push button revolution, to the mobile revolution, and now a full circle to where the mobile phone is far more pervasive that the home phone with more and more New Zealanders choosing to not even have a home phone.

Internet access has become essential for business, banking, and learning. It is also increasingly becoming an important element to accessing entertainment be that games, movies, or even television.

Early in 2013, we architected the purchase of the 4th biggest ISP in New Zealand but we were not able to realise our vision with that company purchase and so by mid 2014, we resold it.

The government is putting billions of dollars into getting fibre to just over a million New Zealand homes but according to the 2013 census, there will be almost 300,000 homes and businesses that will not have access to fibre optic cable under the UFB programme.

Many of these homes and businesses will have access to high speed copper cable based services but getting serious internet speeds out of copper cables is a challenge.

At Greenfields, we are installing and developing technologies to get fibre optic style internet speeds for small town and rural New Zealanders.

We recognise that rural based business in New Zealand are becoming increasingly automated and collectively make up more than 50% of New Zealands GDP.

It is small town and rural New Zealand we are committed to and while we can offer services in the big towns and cities, we do not compete in those geographies. To get great service to small town and rural New Zealand, we have to build infrastructure so it will take time but we are working flat out and we will be with you soon.

If you are desperate, you can contact us and we can look at a temporary solution for you. Alternatively, if you can get 10 people in your community to commit to the service, we will come and meet with you, show you what you can expect, and put your town next in line in our building project.

For more info, email info@greenfields.net.nz

For faults, free text 473 or email service@greenfields.net.nz