Fast Internet, Fast Internet, and more Fast Internet… NOW!

Here at Greenfields Internet we are focused almost entirely on delivering a high speed internet experience to everyone.

In towns and cities that have good copper or fibre infrastructure, we can connect you with wide open pipes and we will do our best to get you the highest speed your connection type can handle.

In smaller towns and rural New Zealand that are not going to get fibre optic cable under the Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) programme we build our own network.

We use wireless ‘last mile technologies’ and reconnect into fibre optic feeds at over 30 locations nationwide.

What that means is we need to put a little wireless receiver in your home and the rest is just like any other internet connection.

What can I get at my house?

We can open up new locations quickly and our growth plans are flexible. If you want us to build in your area, click the link below, tell us where you are, and we will let you know what we can do. Just be aware that if we have to build out to you and you aren’t on our current plans, it might be quite expensive to get to you but usually if you get a few neighbors together it can ease the pain.

> To see the regions the country is broken up into click here (coming soon)

> To see the next areas where the service will be available under our current plans click here (coming soon)


All our plans are unlimited usage so there is no variation to your bill. It is the same every month.

Here’s our pricing:


Product Ex GST Incl GST
Wireless $86.09 $99.00 Sign up
ADSL2+ $86.09 $99.00 Sign up
VDSL2 $91.30 $105.00 Sign up
UFB 100/20 (Waikato, BOP, Taranaki, Whangarei, and CHCH) $91.30 $105.00 Sign up
UFB 100/20 (Everywhere Else) $86.09 $99.00 Sign up
UFB 100/100 (Waikato, BOP, Taranaki, Whangarei, and CHCH) $104.35 $120.00 Sign up
UFB 100/100 (Everywhere Else) $95.65 $110.00 Sign up
UFB 200/20 (Everywhere) $104.35 $120.00 Sign up
UFB 200/200 (Everywhere) $113.04 $130.00 Sign up

Contract Term

1 month. You can cancel with no penalty with 1 month notice providing we get our equipment back from you. Other than that, we don’t have contracts. If you are a Greenfields customer, you are with us because you want to be, not because we have locked you into a contract.

Installation Fees

Installation of DSL and/or fibre services is $105 incl GST and it is the same in rural areas where we have wireless coverage. If we are building out to you, we will have to work out the installation cost between us.

Greenfields for Businesses

Greenfields offer a range of managed data, phone, and internet services for business.

For the most part, businesses are looking for fast, reliable services at the best possible price. That is what we at Greenfields do. If we can’t get you a better service at a lower cost than you have today then there is something wrong.

Add to this our wireless networking capability and not only can we get you a better solution, but we can generally push it further out into the field than other suppliers can.

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